The Quwick Pre-Load Cartridge Kit allows you the prepare your herbs before your vaping sessions, so filling your Quwick Mini Heating Chambers on-the-go becomes stress and mess free!


The Kit includes 3 Pre-Load Cartridges, as well as a container to carry them with you!


You will be able to carry multiple Cartridges simultaneously, meaning you will never have to grind your herbs on the move.

Pre-load Cartridge Kit

  • This product includes:

    • 3 x Pre-Load Cartridges
    • 1 x Cartridge Case
  • The Pre-Load Cartridge Case can carry up to 3 Cartridges at one time. Each of the Cartridges can be Pre-loaded with herbs, ready for your vapor sessions in advance!

    The Cartridges are made from metal, and allow for your Mini vaporizer to be adapted into a pure convection system.