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Why You Should Be Vaping Your Herbs

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

There are many reasons to be vaping your herbal product, from saving money, to safe-guarding your personal health. Find out why you should switch to herbal vaping below.

Save money by switching to herbal vapes!

The Harms of Combustion:

Whilst smoking herbs does not have the same amount of harmful toxins or carcinogens as smoking tobacco, there is still significant damage done to your lungs and certain harmful side-effects from the nature of how herbs are smoked. The American Lung Association notes those who smoke herbs are more likely to do so both unfiltered, as well as inhaling more deeply when compared to tobacco smokers. This causes a range of respiratory problems, from chronic bronchitis, to cell damage, and when there are other simple methods of consumption (such as vaping) this can be an issue that is easily mitigated.


Greater Efficiency:

When smoking herbs, many of the beneficial chemicals that you are trying to consume are by the extreme temperatures. When vaping at different temperatures you can receive the full benefit of releasing the maximum possible available chemicals (THC, CBD, other cannabinoids). Studies have shown that vaping herbs provides a stronger effect than traditional smoking methods, both in terms of the subjective effects and biological markers such as THC blood concentration.

Stealth and Discretion:

For those living in countries where the legality of herbal consumption is an issue for the individual, vaping provides a more discreet alternative to smoking. Vaping herbs produces less odour and the vapor produced quickly dissipates in the local environment. Furthermore, the Quwick Mini portable vaporizer easily fits into your pocket or can be hidden in the palm of your hand, making it difficult for people to recognize what exactly you are doing.

Save Money:

It has been cited that the efficiency of vapes, coupled with the absence of the need for additional materials (rolling papers, tobacco, etc) result in up to 40% savings when compared with traditional smoking methods.


Smoking herbs produces ash and other waste from the rolling of a joint, making it a very messy process. Herbal vapes only require the herb and the minor spillage that this can cause when loading the product into the vaporizer heating chamber.

Be Considerate: No Secondhand Smoke

Smoking herbs causes secondhand smoke, we contains the same (if not more) harmful toxins and carcinogens that are in directly-inhaled smoke. By vaping your herbs, you avoid the production of smoke, as well as the minimising secondhand by-products of consumption.


Once you have finished your vaporizer session, the leftover vaped herbs can be used in other products to release the remaining available chemicals. For example, it can be baked into edible products, or even added as a tobacco substitute into a joint.

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