• Tom Holland

Say Goodbye To Tobacco

In many countries around the world, cannabis consumption is intertwined with tobacco. Those of you living in the United Kingdom will be no stranger to the 50/50 joint: half herb, half tobacco. Visiting the heart of cannabis in Europe, Amsterdam, you will be offered tobacco substitutes inside the coffee shops as smoking tobacco indoors is illegal. However, it is an open secret that coffee shops do not enforce this rule beyond telling you to keep your tobacco out of sight.

The concept of smoking cannabis and tobacco together is so deeply ingrained within the culture, that many people are not aware of the alternatives.

But there is another way!

Warda Coffee Shop, Amsterdam.

If you have tried a “pure joint” and found it to be both expensive, too small, and harsh to smoke, then vaping maybe the solution you have been looking for. Herbal vaporizers allow you to ditch tobacco and experience your herb in its purest form. Much like wine-tasting, or great coffee, consuming cannabis extends beyond the physiological effects that alter our state of consciousness. The experience of consumption matters. By vaping your herb, you are avoiding the additional flavours of tobacco, or the harsh combusted smoke of the burning rolling paper. You are getting a truer experience by getting the most accurate representation of your flowers true flavour! With the prevalence of top-quality strains available in the 21st century, it seems a waste to pollute them with undesirable chemicals and ill-flavours.

This is not to forget the health and financial benefits of vaping yours herbs! For more on this, check out Why You Should Be Vaping Your Herbs.

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