Quwick Mini

Gold Series

What are the Gold Series Benefits?


By using the Pre-Load Cartidges you will benefit from convection heating, giving purer and better tasting vapor 

On-the-go vaping

With the ability to quickly change the pre-load cartridge, vaping on-the-go has never been easier!


Regular use of the 'Pre-load Cartridge' will help to reduce maintenance and extend the lifetime of your vaporizer unit.

Save money

Save money by purchasing the Gold Series Bundle.

Engineered for convection and pre-load capability

Quwick Mini

Gold Series Bundle

The Quwick Mini Gold Series introduces pre-loading capability for the Mini vaporizer by using the Quwick 'Pre-load Cartridges'. 

The Pre-load Cartridge Kit will give you the ability to have multiple sessions ready to go at an instant! The Kit will include 3 cartridges, which can be pre-loaded with the herb of your choice.

Additionally, the Gold Series benefits from pure convection capabilities, giving you a better tasting and purer vaping experience.

Discover more of the benefits of the Gold Series, including the HUGE discount we are currently offering on the Bundle.


Quwick Mini:                                      £60.00

Pre-load Cartridge Kit:                      £10.00

1 Year Warranty:   

                                                  Total: £70.00

Bundle Deal: £54.99